Keeping our CNC machines running for as long as possible is a priority for any Maintenance Team. But in time parts will wear and require maintenance or replacement. This is also true for spindle bearings, which are part of the heart of your machine.

Recognize the signs of spindle bearing failure!

(How do you know if your spindle bearings are starting to fail in order to prevent damaging other parts of the spindle or the spindle from seizing.)

  • Has the finish of your machined parts changed?

  • Is your spindle noisier than usual?

  • Is your spindle overheating or unusually warm?

  • Do you have air coming out of the positive pressure labyrinth?

  • Do you see a difference in the load% on your PLC while it is machining?

  • Do you have unusual run-out in your taper or on your tool?

If you smell or see smoke coming out of the spindle, it may be too late, and it is possible that parts other than the bearings are damaged inside the spindle.

Contact us, and we will gladly send one of our spindle specialists on-site with all the necessary equipment in order to analyze the spindle on your machine.

It takes no more than 1 hour to have a full report on all the aspect of your spindle including:

  • Vibration analysis and bearing condition

  • Taper surface contact

  • Run-out in taper and with 300 mm test bar

  • Pull-force retention

  • Cooling system

To avoid unnecessary down time, preventative maintenance is the key!

Don't have time to have a technician on-site?

MEC PRECISION can provide your Maintenance Team with all the equipment and parts necessary keep your CNC spindles running at peak performance.

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