Since 1970, we have specialized in the repair, maintenance and sales of CNC Metal Working Spindles, CNC Woodworking spindles, Servomotors and AC/DC Motors

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In production and manufacturing it is important to keep your CNC machines running. We understand this and that is why our team of spindle repair experts will work hard to get you up and running again. We have all of the necessary tools and experts in-house to get the job done right and we guarantee our repairs for 1 full year! 


High speed router repairs are a part of our core business at MEC PRECISION. We understand the woodworking, plastic, composite and stone industries. We are aware of the importance of keeping your CNC machines running. Our experience has given us an advantage in the market and our team is known for finding the right solutions for every problem. 

Our certified technicians have been repairing and rewinding servo motors for years.  We offer a complete in-house rewind and have access to original parts and encoders. Call us to get a quote and see how you can save. Experience the Canadian advantage with MEC PRECISION. 

Since 1970, we have been repairing, rewinding, distributing and offering maintenance of AC/DC electric motors. 



Brands repaired

Brands Repaired

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MEC PRECISION is the leader in the repair and maintenance of CNC machine spindles, high-speed routers, servomotors and AC/DC industrial electric motors.   Furthermore, we distribute complementing engineered components and CNC accessories.  Our team of qualified engineers specialize in sourcing a wide range of solutions for our customers.

"We are greatly pleased to recommend the services of MEC PRECISION.

Throughout the years, the support which they have contributed has been invaluable to our enterprise. Thanks to their expertise, their professionalism and their competitive prices. MEC PRECISION Inc has become one of our most valued service providers.

Time after time, we have been able to count on their extensive knowledge, particularly in the domain of CNC machines. On each occasion, we have been impressed by the efficiency of their service, as well as their commitment to quality.

It is with the highest confidence that we recommend MEC PRECISION for all of your repair and maintenance needs."

Alain Bernard
Sales & Services Manager
Huron Canada