Benz is a German high-end product. MEC PRECISION is the Canadian authorized service center and distributor of BENZ products.

BENZ offer several types of aggregates, angle heads and live tools that will increase your machining capabilities on your CNC. Quality, reliability and international expertise at your fingertips!

Several options are available to you!


Angle Head Tooling


Angle head Mono WSX
Angle head 90 °


Angle head Duo WZX
Angle head 90° - output spindle on both sides


Angle head Forte WWX
Angle head 90° - reset output spindle / tool holding fixture


Angle head Slim WGX
Angle head 90° - narrow design


Angle head Slim WGX-S
Angle head 90° - extremely narrow design


Angle head Fix WFX
Angle head 90 ° - with fixed angle


Angle head Flex WDX
Angle head 0-100° - with flexible angle / stepless adjustment


Customised Angle Head
Individualized custom solutions


Live Tools


Modular Quick Change Systems

BENZ Solidfix® and BENZ CAPTOTM Modular Quick Change Systems maximize the efficiency of BMT 45-BMT 85 and VDI 20-VDI 50 Turret Drives

  • Stability/Rigidity

  • Flexibility

  • Repeatability

  • Economic Efficiency

  • Fast Replacement of Worn Tools

  • Less Than 15 Second Replacement with BENZ Solidfix®

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LinTec Broaching Tools


LinA Axial and Radial Broach Benefits

  • A typical 0.375" x 0.187" x 1.250" keyway would take almost two minutes to cut on a lathe. The LinA can machine the same feature in steel in 6–8 seconds

  • Designed with continuous lubricated roller bearings

  • Sealed unit, no need to re-grease, no gears, reduced heat development

  • Increases time intervals between service 1,000 to 1,200 strokes per minute, reduced cycle times

  • Internal and external machining possible (by changing LinA rotation from clockwise to counter clockwise)

  • Broach inserts available from PH horn

  • Modular design guarantees quick delivery and high compatibility with BMT and VDI Connections

  • Available in three different stroke lengths .669", 1.259" and 2.007"

LinA radia for turning center
Powered radial shapers for all common CNC lathes

LinA axial for turning centers
Powered axial shapers for all commun CNC lathes

LinA radia offset for turning centers
Powered radial offset shapers for all common CNC lathes


LinS Axial Broach Benefits

  • The LinS can also be adjusted manually to provide 360-degree rotation and can be used with a fourth axis to create splines, torx and hex shapes

  • Broach any angle in VMC, 360° rotation

  • Eliminate bearing pressure due to rotating spindle

  • Reduction of setup time and cost savings complete manufacturing of part in one setup

  • Economic manufacturing of keyways, ID and OD splines, gears, spur gears, special profiles and geometric free forms, tool-changer compatible

  • Three-point torque arm optional for additional rigidity

LinS axial for machining centers
Static axial broaching units for all common CNC machining centers


High-Speed Attachment Heads and Spindle Speeders

001Schnellaufspindel copy.jpg

Speed Increaser Benefits

  • Speed increasers equipped with coolant can operate at up to 40,000 rpms and coolant pressure up to 80 bar, while those without coolant can run at up to 18,000 rpms

  • Increased surface finish and milling capabilities and are capable of running ceramic end mills

  • Models vary from those requiring coolant and limited duty cycles to self-cooling units engineered for unlimited duty cycles

  • Deliver improved stability and less vibration, with optimized temperature and weight

  • An exchangeable torque arm holds the spindle in position and avoids twisting, which makes them highly flexible

  • Tools can be changed automatically with a Stop Block machine tool changer, or manually by installing a block or pin to keep the torque arm from rotating