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Choose and fill the form related to your product. Once completed we wil perfom an in-depth evaluation of your spindle in order to diagnose the problem and provide you an accurate price for the repair.
Spindles and electrospindles
We can rebuild spindles from woodworking, metalworking, stone and glass sectors.
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Aggregates/angle heads/lIve tools
We can repair aggregates and angle heads from woodworking and metalworking sectors.
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Servo motors
We can rebuild servo motors from metalworking, woodworking and composite sectors.
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Vacuum pumps
We can repair vacuum pumps from woodworking, composite and medical sectors.
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Service calls
Our technicians will come to your site and assist you with your spindle or CNC machine.
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AC/DC motors
We can rebuild AC/DC motors from woodworking, metalworking and composite sectors.
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Our warranty

All repairs of CNC products executed in our workshop come with a 1 year 24/7 warranty. This regulation is covering all cost related to parts and workforce. In certain situations, conditions might apply. If you want to learn more about our warranty, get in touch with us.
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Our repair process

Repair form
Select and fill the form related to your product. Soon as we are notified, one of our technical advisors will communicate with you in short delays.
Evaluation and quote
Once we received your product at our workshop. Our technician is performing a complete evaluation and we will send you a quote describing the problem, solution, price and pictures.
The moment you accept the quote, we will proceed with the rebuild of the product. Several solutions might apply, such as taper grind, dynamic balancing and replacement of major parts etc
Control quality and return
After all repairs are done, our technician does a run-in of the product on our test bench and performs multiple final tests. We will return your product at your factory through your carrier or ours.

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Our workshop is located at 665 laurent street, in Granby in Canada. We are one hour from the big cities as well as near the US boarder. Wherever your location we will support you with your spindle or CNC machine.
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