45 years of experience!

MEC PRECISION has 45 years experience in the repair, rewinding, maintenance and distribution of AC/DC electric motors (ranging from 0.2 HP to 500 HP).

Pumps, compressors, fans, gearboxes, single-phase and three phase motors and transformers. 



Quality Guarantee

At MEC PRECISION, our priority is to minimize production loss. To do so, we follow a rigorous process taking place in a few steps and is worthy of the highest standards in the industry.

  • 45 years of experience
  • Complet in-house rewind
  • One year warranty
  • Large inventory of bearings
  • Mobile diagnosis services
  • Complete machining center (conventional and hybrid tower, CNC milling machine, surface grinder, cylindrical grinder)
  • Inventory of new motors up to 200 HP
  • New facilities since 2014

Canadian Advantage

Save valuable production time and money - Compare the costs and delays of shipping your spindle for repair south of the border, or for that matter overseas, and see how you can save time and money to get back up and running very quickly. 

Vertical business - We are a self-contained business unit, all is done in-house without outsourcing.  This ensures the control of quality and the ability for quick turnarounds. 

Original parts and accessories

Our experts can travel to your location for an on-site diagnostic. 

Repair process

1. Identification of the AC/DC motor and entering problems in our ERP system or service call required

2. Mechanical and visual inspection


3. Electrical inspection

4. Complete stator rewinding (if required)


5. Varnish

6. Replacement of damaged components


7. Precision machining of parts according to the manufacturers specifications

8. Execution of final tests in the workshop or at the customer’s place

9. Painting (custom color if needed)

10. Shipping via courrier or our delivery truck


Preventive maintenance requires rigor and thoroughness. It allows to detect possible anomalies and thereby reduce the frequency of downtime, extend the lifetime and minimize breakage AC/DC motor failures. It takes place in several stages to the customer.

  • Verification of the temperature at the maximum speed
  • Analysis of the bearings condition (frequencies)
  • Analysis of the vibration level in mm/sec
  • Verification of the bearing lubrication system (if needed)
  • Electrical test of the stator (if needed)
  • Verification of the tachometer
  • Detailed report