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Our expert spindle repair team performs hundred of spindle repairs a year...
  • Our certified technicians repair, maintain and install spindle on multiple brands of CNC machines across Canada.

  • We are the Authorized Canadian Service Center for FRANZ KESSLER spindle.

  • Complete in-house machining - Allows for custom solutions with precision.

  • New temperature controlled facility to ensure quality control and good working conditions.

  • Invested in high-tech equipment to ensure quality and precision - Weiler E50 Hybrid Lathe, Dynamic Balancing Benches, Temperature Controlled Workshop, Vibration analysis equipment, Surface grinder (kent), Precision instrument, CNC 3-axis (Huron), CNC Cylindrical Grinder (Supertec), Hexagon CMM machine.
1 Year Warranty
MEC PRECISION stands behind their work. We offer a full 1 year warranty on most repairs.
Dynamic Balancing
In-house dynamic balancing complete with detailed report.
Test benches
Simulating spindle operation for final testing prior to shipping to our customer.
Hexagon Metrology CMM
Measuring critical components with micron precision using this high-tech piece of equipment with certified results.

Canadian Advantage

Save valuable production time and money
Compare the costs and delays of shipping your spindle for repair south of the border, or for that matter overseas, and see how you can save time and money to get back up and running very quickly.
Vertical business
We are a self-contained business unit, all is done in-house without outsourcing. This ensures the control of quality and the ability for quick turnarounds..
Original parts and accessories
EMERGENCY REPAIR SERVICE available. Our experts can travel to your location for an on-site diagnostic.
repair request
Repair process
1. Identification of the spindle and the entering  problems in our ERP system
2. Preliminary tests (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric)
3. Measuring in µm critical parts to specifications and tolerances of manufacturers
4. Detailed quote with pictures, follow up until approval
5. Complete in-house rewind (if required)
6. Precision machining or grinding of parts according to the manufacturers specifications (if required)
7. Dynamic balancing with report
8. Complete long running-in period on testing benches simulating your CNC spindle operations and final testing (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric)
9. Quality control
10. Packaging (injection molding system to prevent damage) and shipping
Spindle Repair Lab

Get your CNC spindle repaired by the experts at MEC PRECISION

"Our line was down and we needed to get repaired fast. The fact that MEC is located in Quebec, Canada, it saved us from sending our spindle overseas. We were up and running in a couple of weeks instead of a few months. We saved time and money!"

— Robert Deshautels
"We were missing a part to repair our spindle and we couldn`t find it. We called MEC and they machined for us from scratch. Their technician was a big help and spent hours on our problem. Great Canadian company!."

— John Miller
Get your spindle repaired now

In-house Precision Machining and Grinding

Precision machining and grinding of parts according to manufacturers specifications. (Conventional lathe and CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, surface and cylindrical grinder)
Learn more

Dynamic Balancing

We are equipped with advanced equipment to perform dynamic balancing of motor rotors, shafts, fans, pumps, impeller and pulley
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Spindle maintenance

Preventive maintenance on the spindle is to detect in advance possible anomalies at the costumer’s place. This procedure on a regular basis will help extend the spindle life and to minimize breakdown on CNC machine.

  • Verification of the taper run-out with calibrated test bar at 30 mm and 300 mm

  • Verification of the taper contactsurface contact of the taper (%)

  • Verification of the temperature at the maximum speed

  • Analysis of the bearings condition

  • Analysis of the vibration level in mm/sec

  • Verification of the spindle lubrication system and chilling unit

  • Testing of the retention force (Kn) of the draw-bar system

  • Proceed to the electrical test of the stator (if needed)

  • Verification of all proximity sensors

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you with your Spindle Maintenance.
Learn more about mec precision
Precision is our business!
Established in 1970, we have specialized in the repair of electric high speed motors, spindles, servo motors and AC/DC motors.
All about the team!
Our team of experts are our biggest asset and we attempt to do everything possible so that they may succeed at every level in life.
Invested in Technology
Our continuous commitment of investment to the latest in Technology ensures that we exceed the highest levels of quality in our industry.
Proudly Canadian!
Located in the town of Granby, MEC PRECISION is one (1) hour from the city of Montreal’s International Airport and thirty (30) minutes from the Vermont, U.S.A. border.
Want to talk to us directly?
We like to keep things simple and easy. Reach out to our Customer Service Department at our toll-free number or send us an inquiry so we can look further into it.
Established in 1970, we have specialized in the repair of electric high speed motors, spindles, servo motors and AC/DC motors. Our team of experts are our biggest asset and we attempt to do everything possible so that they may succeed at every level in life.
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Opening Hours :
7:30 am - 4:00 pm - EST

Head Office :
665, rue Laurent
Granby, Quebec
J2G 8P4

Phone : 1-800-565-5215

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