Our partnership

We are the exclusive authorized FRANZ KESSLER Service partner in Canada. We are repairing any of the brand spindle models by following its quality standards. We own a bench test that is designed especially for FRANZ KESSLER spindles. Each of them is ran and tested on it for hours. The bench is simulating real functionalities of a CNC machine. We are proud to collaborate with FRANZ KESSLER to offer a quick and professional service!


Since 95 years, FRANZ KESSLER is the leader supplier of motor spindles as well as directly driven 2-axis heads and rotary tilt tables for the machine tool industry.The extensive product range, from high tech spindles, 2-axis heads, rotary and rotary tilt tables to motors and direct drive systems.

Benefits of our solution

  • We are repairing all spindles according to supplier's standards in short delays.

  • We have access to a wide range of parts and products from FRANZ KESSLER.

  • Our technicians are trained to use repair methods approved by the supplier. Each year, they are receiving new information and updates with the latest FRANZ KESSLER practices.

  • All repairs come with a complete quality control report and a 1 year 24/7 warranty.

  • We own a FRANZ KESSLER test bench.

  • Our technicians can also travel on location to install, replace or help your with your machinery issues.

Our test bench

Our FRANZ KESSLER test bench is an innovative technology. We can test and run all KESSLER spindles for a long period of time on it. While the spindle is running, we have access to real-time data. Each test comes with a quality control report certified FRANZ KESSLER.
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What you need to know

Our warranty
Each spindle, servomotor, aggregate, AC/DC motor or vacuum pump repair is coming with a 1 year 24/7 warranty. It includes the replacement of parts in case of damage without fees. Some condition might apply so don't hesitate to contact us.
Online repair form
Are you facing problems with your spindles or one of your products ? We are here to assist you ! To start the repair process, simply fill out the online form or call us. For any emergency, our experts can travel to your location for an on-site diagnostic and repair.
Online form
Since 1970, we have specialized in the repair of high speed electric motors, spindles, servo motors and AC / DC motors. Our team of experts is our greatest asset and we try to do everything possible to make them successful in all areas of life.
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Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday
7:30 am - 4:30 pm (Eastern)

7:30 am - 12:30 pm (Eastern)

Head office:
665, rue Laurent
Granby, Quebec
J2G 8P4

Telephone: : 1-800-565-5215

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