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Quality Guarantee

MEC PRECISION facilities or on site visiting easily allow us to taper grinding in only a few simple steps.

  • Vibration analysis

  • Draw-bar retention force

  • Surface contact %

  • Test bar at 30 and 300mm

  • Grinding and monitoring using our STOTZ high precision system

  • Final draw-bar retention force results

  • Inspection of final surface contact result

  • Test bar final at 30 and 300 mm

  • Final report and approval of customer


A must for ultimate precision!

MEC PRECISION has offered taper grinding services since ten years either on-site or in our facility. The process can be done on different types of tapers such as: ISO, BT, CAT, SK and Big Plus using our mobile CNC TAPER GRINDING MACHINE.


  1. Repair the damaged spindle taper back to the original specification and surface contact

  2. Don’t have to remove spindle from the machine

  3. Avoid premature wear

  4. Improve machining accuracy

  5. Reduce spindle vibration

  6. Extend the service life of the spindle

  7. Reduce down time


Canadian Advantage

Save valuable production time and money - Compare the costs and delays of shipping your spindle for repair south of the border, or for that matter overseas, and see how you can save time and money to get back up and running very quickly. 

Vertical business - We are a self-contained business unit, all is done in-house without outsourcing.  This ensures the control of quality and the ability for quick turnarounds.  

Original parts and accessories

Our experts can travel to your location for an on-site diagnostic.