Quality Guarantee

The vibration analysis done in a few steps and regular intervals (6 months or 1 year), and by knowing the condition of your bearings, you will be able to build a history that will allow us to plan the rebuild of the spindles and prevent breakdowns.

Plan the date of the service call

  • Vibration Data Collection (mm / sec) at different speeds
  • Analysis of the condition of the bearings at their natural frequencies
  • Analysis and determining the best solution (balancing or uninstalling the spindle and bring it to MEC PRECISION)
  • Detailed report history given to the customer

Machining without vibrations!

MEC PRECISION is an Canadian authorized distributor of GTI Predictive Technology product line. It is recognized for its innovative products and cutting edge technology in preventive maintenance. We will be happy to assist you and advise you to find the solution for you.

  • Equipment based on IPhone and Ipad platform
  • Equipment rentals
  • Wireless option available
  • Important database of bearings natural frequencies
  • Complete on-site analyzing service available at intervals of your choice
  • Synthesis report with log history available 


Canadian Advantage

Save valuable production time and money - Compare the costs and delays of shipping your spindle for repair south of the border, or for that matter overseas, and see how you can save time and money to get back up and running very quickly. 

Vertical business - We are a self-contained business unit, all is done in-house without outsourcing.  This ensures the control of quality and the ability for quick turnarounds. 

Original parts and accessories

Our experts can travel to your location for an on-site diagnostic.