Our company

Since 1970

A story that began more than 50 years ago in Cowansville. An organization known locally and specialized only in the repair of industrial electric motors. Now, it is located in Granby and positioned internationally for its expertise in refurbishing and selling spindles, servo motors, AC/DC motors and aggregates.
Gilles Maurais started his local activities in Cowansville. Over the years, the organization grew rapidly. Gilles Maurais and his team named the company Les reparations de Moteurs Électriques de Cowansville (MEC). At that time, MEC was specialized in the repair and maintenance of industrial electric motors. The main mission of the company was to increase its customer's production efficiency.

Our values

These pilars are what make MEC PRECISION.
We are committed to being thorough, maintaining a high level of expertise, delivering quality work and acting responsibly to provide effective solutions and maintain profitable relationships with our suppliers and customers.
Team spirit
We constantly rely on collaboration, mutual aid and strength. This is how we contribute to the development, evolution and achievement of the organization's objectives.
Every day, we give our best and go beyond our limits in order to support our customers and reach the highest standards of repair in the CNC industry.
We are constantly thinking about how we can improve our processes, equipment and knowledge so we can offer an impeccable service to our customers.

Our expertise

For 53 years, we are specialized in the repairs and sales of spindles, servo motors, aggregates, vacuum pumps, AC/DC motors, angle heads, livetools and CNC accessories. We are a distributor and service center for major brands such as HITECO, KESSLER, SCHMALZ, BECKER, BENZ and KOMO. In addition, we offer a wide selection of solutions for CNC machines.

Served industries

Repair and maintenance of spindles, aggregates, servo motors and vacuum pumps.
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Repair and maintenance of spindles, angle heads, livetools and servo motors.
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Stone and marble
Repair and maintenance of spindles and servo motors.
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Plastic and composite materials
Repair and maintenance of spindles, aggregates and servo motors.
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Our mission

We are committed to provide the best repair solution in terms of efficiency, durability and innovation to bring back the full capacity of the CNC product. Also, we are determined to support and offer a quality service to our customer in order to maintain their production line in operation.


15 major brands
that we are a canadian distributor and service center.

14 solutions
to repair and maintain CNC machines as well as products.

1000 repairs
completed annually by our certified technicians.

500 customers
that we support each year with their CNC machines or products.

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