Leader in the repair and sales of CNC accessories

Since 1970, MEC PRECISION is a leader in the repair, maintenance and sales of metalworking spindles, woodworking spindles, servomotors, AC/DC motors and CNC accessories. Our products and solutions set new standards in the CNC industry in terms of effiency, innovation, reliability and performance. Everyone think beyond and give the best of themself to answer our customers'needs. Headquatered in Granby, Canada, we support more than 500 customers annually in north America.

Our story

Gilles Maurais started his local activities in Cowansville.
Over the years, the organization grew rapidly. Gilles Maurais and his team named the company Les reparations de Moteurs Électriques de Cowansville (MEC). At that time, MEC was specialized in the repair and maintenance of industrial electric motors. The main mission of the company was to increase its customer's production efficiency.
Alexandre Maurais, son of Gilles Maurais, took the lead of the company as President and renamed it MEC PRECISION. He restructured the organization’s services and pushed it toward new markets in eastern Canada. Today, the company is focused on providing sales and repair services for spindles, live tools, angle heads, servomotors, AC/DC motors and electronic components for CNC machines.

Who we are

Our mission 
Optimizing our production line to offer a proper expertise related on innovative and efficient solutions for our customer's CNC machine and in the industry.
Our vision
Demonstrating and sharing the diversity of our expertise in North America for the next years in the CNC machine industry.
Our promise
coming soon.

Our values

Team spirit
Our employees are happy to come to work each day. Everyone is motivated to give the best of themself for the organization and its customers. Every employee is committed to achieving all projects that reach the highest standards of the CNC machines industry.
Member of our team are ready to help and support each other through any challenges or projects. By combining our efforts, we can propel the organization and develop our expertise. Our teamwork is one of key elements that allows MEC PRECISION to be what it is today.
We are always thinking about what’s next. We are constantly reflecting on how we can improve our processes, our equipment and skills so we can deliver the best products and solutions to our customers.
Each employee is committed to act ethically inside and outside the company. We respect our corporate guidelines to ensure rigorous work, quality processes and good behavior toward any customers and colleagues.

MEC in numbers

Suppliers to which we are both distributor and service center
Solutions for CNC machines
Annual repairs
Kilometers travelled annually for service calls
Years of experience
Employees are working for MEC PRECISION
Our comitmment
We think it is important to support the community ! Our involvement allows the improvement and the development of the daily life of local people. We have participated in several in non-profit events and organizations like Le Grand défI Pierre Lavoie, Charles Bruneau Tour, Vélothon BMP, Défi Pierre-Boivin-Triatlon d'hiver, Association Québécoise des sports en fauteuil roulant, la Fondation école Chantignole et le Club de gymnastique Les Hirondelles.
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Since 1970, we have specialized in the repair of high speed electric motors, spindles, servo motors and AC / DC motors. Our team of experts is our greatest asset and we try to do everything possible to make them successful in all areas of life.
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Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday
7:30 am - 4:30 pm (Eastern)

7:30 am - 12:30 pm (Eastern)

Head office:
665, rue Laurent
Granby, Quebec
J2G 8P4

Telephone: : 1-800-565-5215

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