Spindles and CNC machines monitoring

Our solution

We have the authorized certification to install the B-SAFE predictive maintenance system for spindles and CNC machines. This technology monitors in real time problems and prevent potential failures of them. Many aspects can be checked such as temperature, wear, level of vibration and collision. This process ensures a complete optimization of the production line and reduce downtime.

Benefits of our solution

  • We are a distributor for the B-SAFE predictive maintence system.

  • Our technicians are trained to install B-SAFE system on spindles and CNC machines.

  • Our technicians can go at your site to proceed the implementation of the B-SAFE system.

  • We have a demo of the B-SAFE system at our place. You can plan a visit and we will be able to show you all the functionnalites. In additionnal, see how you can integrate it in your factory.

  • We have access to all type of products of B-SAFE.

Highlight of the system

Collision dectection
Machine is immediately stop when a risk of damage is noticed.
Continous monitoring
Data is recorded even if the spindle or the machine is turned off.
Black box
Data is embedded in the sensors.
Industry 4.0
Data collected can be shared on diverse platforms from the software.

B-SAFE systems

Your spindle
The system is integrated in the front of the spindle with small sensors. It investigates and protects the general condition of the product. On a regular basis, sensors are evaluating the status of mechanical parts, temperature, vibration and collisions.
Your CNC machine
The system is implanted with sensors in the network of the CNC machine. It stabilizes machining process and general condition of it. Sensors are looking several aspects like temperature, collisions, vibration and status of parts.

B-SAFE software

The software is available on multiple online platforms. You can configure it with many options as you want and is very easy to operate. The program will allow you to see in continous time various data analyzed from the sensors wherever you are. Indeed, you will be able to navigate between them and observe a specific information. Furthermore, you will have access to results of the analysis. It will be present with graphics and dashboards ensuring you can detect precisely what is working or not.
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