The Jet Spindle offers an ideal solution for a wide range of semi-finishing and finishing machining applications such as milling, drilling, thread milling, engraving, chamfering/deburring and fine radial grinding.

Easily adapted to existing CNC machines, the HSM Jet Spindle provides immediate enhancement in performance, machining time, surface quality and tool life.

In addition, the Jet Spindle technology allows operators the ability to monitor the rotational speed of cutting tools in real-time; optimizing cutting conditions for even more all-around machining efficiency.
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HSM Jet Spindle vs Machine 
HSM Jet Spindle Comparison
GreenJet spindle
The HSM Jet Spindle (GreenJET Model), is a patented robust spindle speed increaser design that uses the machine’s existing coolant or cutting fluid supply as a pressurized energy source (20 to 40 bars), rotating a turbine in the range of 35,000 – 55,000 RPMs.

This compact unit fits a wide range of CNC machines, is ATC / turret mountable and an ideal solution for semi-finishing and finishing applications using small diameter cutting tools; milling, drilling, thread-milling, engraving, chamfering, deburring, grinding and more.

The HSM Jet Spindle is equipped with a real-time, wireless RPM transmitter and monitoring display system to optimize performance. Refer to the Operating Conditions Guidelines for the HSM Jet Spindle.
Designation: TJS-GJET: ER32
P/N: 37-035-599
Adaptor: ER32
L mm: 109.00
Tool d max mm: 3.5
Kg: 1.30
Designation: TJS-GJET: BT30
P/N: 37-035-399
Adaptor: BT30
L mm: 139.00
Tool d max mm: 3.5
Kg: 1.60
Designation: TJS-GJET: BT40
P/N: 37-035-799
Adaptor: BT40
L mm: 122.00
Tool d max mm: 3.5
Kg: 1.80
Designation: TJS-GJET HSK A63
P/N: 37-035-299
Adaptor: HSK A63
L mm: 141.00
Tool d max mm: 3.5
Kg: 1.80
Designation: TJS GJET ST20
P/N: 37-035-099
Adaptor: ST20
L mm: 115.00
Tool d max mm: 3.5
Kg: 1.20
Designation: TJS GJET C5
P/N: 37-035-499
Adaptor: C5
L mm: 129.00
Tool d max mm: 3.5
Kg: 1.50
Designation: TJS GJET C6
P/N: 37-035-199
Adaptor: C6
L mm: 119.00
Tool d max mm: 3.5
Kg: 1.60
Designation: TJS GJET CAT 40
P/N: 37-035-699
Adaptor: CAT 40
L mm: 141.00
Tool d max mm: 3.5
Kg: 2.0
HPC Jet Spindle
The HSM Jet Spindle High Pressure Coolant (TJS-HPC) model uses the machine’s own high pressure coolant supply to drive the spindle. Ideal for machines with high pressure capability for better machining results, longer tool life and increased efficiency. The spindle’s patented design is suitable for the growing number of machines in the market that use high pressure narrow beam coolant or high pressure coolant deep drilling tools.

• For finishing/semi-finishing using small diameter cutting tools
• Plug & Play – no external feeds or pre-installation, fits ATC/turret
• On-board wireless RPM transmitter + external Display Unit/Monitor
Designation: TJS-HPC: ER32
P/N: 47-055-599
Adaptor: ER32
L mm: 116.00
Tool d max mm: 4.0
Kg: 1.70
Designation: TJS-HPC: BT 40
P/N: 47-055-799
Adaptor: BT40
L mm: 115.00
Tool d max mm: 4.0
Kg: 1.90
Designation: TJS-HPC: HSK A63
P/N: 47-055-299
Adaptor: HSK A63
L mm: 138.00
Tool d max mm: 4.0
Kg: 2.00
Designation: TJS- HPC: ST20
P/N: 47-055-099
Adaptor: ST20
L mm: 112.00
Tool d max mm: 4.0
Kg: 1.5
Designation: TJS- HPC: C6
P/N: 47-055-199
Adaptor: C6
L mm: 124.00
Tool d max mm: 4.0
Kg: 2.0
Designation: TJS- HPC: CAT 40
P/N: 47-055-699
Adaptor: CAT 40
L mm: 135.00
Tool d max mm: 4.0
Kg: 2.3
Display Unit
All HSM Jet Spindle models including the High Pressure, can be paired with the wireless Display Unit, allowing real-time monitoring of spindle rotation speed during machining.

The Spindle body is fitted with a wireless transmitter that sends RPM data to the Display Unit (receiver) mounted outside of the CNC machine for easy viewing.

P/N: 27-088-009
Tools and accessories
All HSM Jet Spindle models are supported by specially designed tools and accessories to ensure high accuracy at high speed. Standard clamping accessories may not always be sufficient for best performance at higher RPMs.
CR2 3V Lithium Battery (non-rechargeable)
Sold separately

P/N: 27-188-092
Shrink Collet Fixture Assembly

P/N: 2430-060
Thermal Shrink Collects

ER11 SRK 3X10 P/N: 27-088-11
ER11 SRK 4X10 P/N: 27-088-12
ER11 SRK 3X25 P/N: 27-088-13
ER11 SRK 4X25 P/N: 27-088-14
Shaft Lock Flat Key

P/N: 27-188-206
ER 11 SMS Wrench

P/N: 27-188-053
ER 11 GHS Tightening Nut

P/N: 27-188-054
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