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MEC PRECISION is the authorized distributor of IMS, T-Tool and Schunk tool holders and collets. These Italian (IMS) and German (T-Tool) companies are known to offer quality products that meet the highest standards of their respective industries (woodworking industry, plastics, composites and granite).

Canadian Advantage

Save valuable production time and money
Compare the costs and delays of shipping your spindle for repair south of the border, or for that matter overseas, and see how you can save time and money to get back up and running very quickly.
Vertical business
We are a self-contained business unit, all is done in-house without outsourcing. This ensures the control of quality and the ability for quick turnarounds..
Original parts and accessories
EMERGENCY REPAIR SERVICE available. Our experts can travel to your location for an on-site diagnostic.
A world of solutions!
Catalogue 2019
Tool forks
- ISO/SK 20, 25, 30, 40

- HSK-F63, HSK-F40

- Fits with CNC machines that uses HSD, Giordano Colombo and HITECO spindles

- Discount of 10% for 10 items or more
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Gripper set
We support mostly OTT-JACKOB products for spindles grippers

- ISO/SK 20, 25, 30, 40, 50

- HSK-32E, 40F, 63F, 63A, 80B, 100A
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Wrenches and collets
- Spindles wrenches

- Nut wrenches

- Adjustable nut torque wrenches

- Spanner nut wrenches

Please ask one of our experts for more details on the tool you need.
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Cone Cleaner
ISO30, BT30, CAT40 and HSK F63
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Precision is our business!
Established in 1970, we have specialized in the repair of electric high speed motors, spindles, servo motors and AC/DC motors.
All about the team!
Our team of experts are our biggest asset and we attempt to do everything possible so that they may succeed at every level in life.
Invested in Technology
Our continuous commitment of investment to the latest in Technology ensures that we exceed the highest levels of quality in our industry.
Proudly Canadian!
Located in the town of Granby, MEC PRECISION is one (1) hour from the city of Montreal’s International Airport and thirty (30) minutes from the Vermont, U.S.A. border.
Vous souhaitez nous parler directement?
Nous aimons garder les choses simples et faciles. Communiquez avec notre service à la clientèle à notre numéro sans frais ou envoyez-nous une demande afin que nous puissions approfondir les choses.
Since 1970, we have specialized in the repair of high speed electric motors, spindles, servo motors and AC / DC motors. Our team of experts is our greatest asset and we try to do everything possible to make them successful in all areas of life.
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Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday
7:30 am - 4:30 pm (Eastern)

7:30 am - 12:30 pm (Eastern)

Head office:
665, rue Laurent
Granby, Quebec
J2G 8P4

Telephone: : 1-800-565-5215

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