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Is team spirit in your DNA? It is in ours! At MEC PRECISION, team spirit is one our main values. We always work together and are ready to support each other. By sharing our ideas, we bring our projects and processes to the highest standards of the industry. Join us and help us to drive the organization into the future.

Employment opportunities

Become a member of the MEC PRECISION family.
We are always looking for new talents that have the passion and motivation to propel our organization into the CNC market. Unfortunately, for the moment, we are not recruting. However, you can send us your application and we will get back to you once we are ready to welcome a new member !
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Our work environment

Are you dedicated and passionate about your work? MEC PRECISION is the place for you. We offer a work environment that will keep you motivated. Each day, you'll work on innovative and stimulating projects. You'll have the opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts to improve our internal and external processes. You'll work with experts who will help you to grow as a professional.

Our benefits

We offer a complete group of benefits for our employees and their family.
Group insurance
We have a group insurance which every employee can contribute in. It covers multiple services such as health care, hobbies and more.
Retirement saving plan
We propose a saving plan to help our employees planning their retirement.
Work-life balance
Our employee well-behind is an important asset to us. Then, we understand that unpredictable situations can happen and are ready to support our employees anytime.
We are committed to the professional development of our employees. We provide ongoing training for each employee, specific to their role and expertise.

Our team

Our team is our greatest asset. Each one of our members are motivated, passionate and dedicated to their work. Each day, they give the best of themselves to help our customers reach their targeted objectives and improving our processes. We are to proud to count on the strength of our team so the organization can grow over the years.

Our BCH employee assistance program

Assistance program
We are working with BCH in order to offer a wide range of service for our employees.
Several services
Our employees have access to many services such as psychology, accountability and social help.
All our employees including their family have access to the assistance program.
Constant improvement
Each year, we are upgrading the program so our employees have all the support and help anytime they need.

Our activities

At MEC PRECISION, we like to spend time and have fun together outside working hours! Karting, Poutine Fest and more are awaiting us each year! We know how to have fun anywhere we go and every MEC's member family is welcome to participate!

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