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Since 2007, we are the exclusive distributor for SCHMALZ vacuum clamping systems for Eastern Canada. These products can be installed on several CNC machine types. Our wide inventory allows us to propose affordable prices. We are proud of our partnership with SCHMALZ, which gives our customers access to an innovative technology.


With more than 100 years of experience, SCHMALZ is a leader in the automation of vacuum and ergonomic handling systems. Their products are used in logistic applications, automotive industry, electronic sector and in the furniture production. The automation with vacuum and ergonomic handling systems has many products like vacuum cups or vacuum generators, complete gripping systems and clamping solutions to hold parts.
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Buy and save on SCHMALZ products

Would you like to buy SCHMALZ products? Call us now at 1-800-565-5215 or reach us at! Our purchasing process is fast and easy! Our prices are the best on the market!
Our technical advisors will help you identify which products would fit on your CNC machine.
If the products you need are not in our inventory, we will gladly order them directly from SCHMALZ.
Once your products are packed, we are shipping them at your factory in the shortest delays. When your order is exceeding 500$, we take care of shipping fees.

The products

SCHMALZ offers a wide range of vacuum clamping systems. Mainly, they are used for machining and assembly tasks. Because of the clamping devices, the material is well fixed on the CNC without distortion. The vacuum clamping systems are available in the woodworking, metalworking, glass, and plastic fields. At MEC PRECISION, we are providing the ones for woodworking, specifically for profiled, grid, flat tables.
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Systems for profiled tables

Whether using a 1-circuit or 2-circuit system, panel processing or frame production – console vacuum blocks from Schmalz can be positioned precisely and are quick and easy to replace when changing the order.
Clamping Equipment for Biesse Consoles
Equipment for SCM / Morbidelli Consoles
Clamping Equipment for Homag Consoles
Equipment for Holz-Her Consoles
Clamping Equipment for Weeke Consoles
Clamping Equipment for Schmalz Consoles (single-circuit)
Clamping Equipment for Schmalz Consoles (two-circuit)

Systems for grid tables

Schmalz vacuum blocks for grid tables enable simple and flexible use; without complex installation. The non-slip fixings enable secure clamping of the workpieces even with high processing forces. This makes them ideal for complex five-axis applications without a wear plate.
Vacuum Blocks VCBL-R
Vacuum Blocks VCBL-B
Innospann Vacuum Blocks for Grid Tables
Further Clamping Equipment for Grid Table Systems

Systems for flats tables

Schmalz clamping solutions enable the quick and uncomplicated setup of CNC machining centers with flat table. First the vacuum blocks and then the workpiece are fixed for machine processing via two independent vacuum circuits. Schmalz provides vacuum blocks with a hose connection for universal flat tables and a hose-free version for flat aluminum tables with an integrated vacuum distribution.
Vacuum Blocks VCBL-G with Hose Connection
Innospann Vacuum Blocks for Flat Tables
Further Clamping Equipment for Flat Table Systems
Vacuum Blocks VCBL-T

What you need to know

Exchange rate advantages
Are you based in the United States? If you are, selecting MEC PRECISION can save you 30% due to currency exchange rate! We are located only 1 hour from the US/Canadian border.
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Repair and maintenance services
If you are facing problems with your spindles or one of your products, we are here to help with our repair and maintenance program. Simply fill out the online form or call us to start the repair process. For any emergency, our experts can travel to your location for an on-site diagnostic and repair.
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Precision is our business!
Established in 1970, we have specialized in the repair of electric high speed motors, spindles, servo motors and AC/DC motors.
All about the team!
Our team of experts are our biggest asset and we attempt to do everything possible so that they may succeed at every level in life.
Invested in Technology
Our continuous commitment of investment to the latest in Technology ensures that we exceed the highest levels of quality in our industry.
Proudly Canadian!
Located in the town of Granby, MEC PRECISION is one (1) hour from the city of Montreal’s International Airport and thirty (30) minutes from the Vermont, U.S.A. border.
Since 1970, we have specialized in the repair of high speed electric motors, spindles, servo motors and AC / DC motors. Our team of experts is our greatest asset and we try to do everything possible to make them successful in all areas of life.
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