AC/DC motor repairs

Our repair solution

We repair and install the majority of AC/DC motors for the CNC industry. Each one goes through a controlled and rigorous process of verification, rebuilding and testing. Our technicians always ensure all components and tolerances respect the OEM standards. Every repair comes with a 1 year 24/7 warranty.

The most common brands repaired

  • ATB

Benefits of our solution

Certified technicians
All our techicians are trained and certified to repair and install AC/DC motors.
Access to major AC/DC motor brands
We have access to the complete range of MAXMOTION and MARATHON motors.
Machining center
Complete in-house machining center allowing faster and custom solutions with high precision.
Specialized equipment
A temperature controlled, positive pressure assembly room as well as a dynamic balancing bench, CMM and test benches that simulate your CNC.

Our repair process

Dissasembly and diagnostic
At arrival, the motor is completely disassembled. Furthermore, parts are cleaned and inspected to see if they are damaged.

Dimensional measure and electrical testing
Measuring of all precision components performed in our metrology room along with stator and rotor electrical testing. A detailed quote showing damaged components, repair solutions, and lead time will be sent to customer.
Repairs / Assembly
In-house machining, grinding, taper grinding is performed if needed, before assembly can begin. New replacement parts to OEM specs are used: bearings and rotary union etc. Rewinding of stator if needed and dynamic balancing of rotating assembly.
Final testing
The motor is tested with our variac up to full speed making sure temperatures, vibration, and all features are working correctly.
Quality control
All motor must pass a final quality control inspection before proceeding to shipping.

Analysis of the AC/DC motor condition

During the preliminary testing, each motor is analyzed meticulously. Our technicians are executing various tests on it to detect possible problems. Doing that helps us to understand better your spindle condition and to propose you the best solution.

What we test

• Verification of the bearings condition.
• Analysis of the bearings housing.
• Measuring run out of the shaft rotor.
• Electrical testing of the stator and rotor groller.
• Evaluation of the winding system if required.

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