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We have several high precision equipment which help us repair all different models of spindles, servo motors, aggregates, angle heads and vacuum pumps. 

WEILER E50 hybride lathe

We acquired the first Weiler E50 in Quebec. This equipment machines, repairs and maintains high precision shafts and bearing housings for CNC products. The lathe provides a turning performance of control and quality during the operations.  

SUPERTEC CNC cylindrical grinder

This machine gives the ability to grind CNC product shafts and bearing housing. Workhead swivels 90°counterclockwise to 30°clockwise for various precision grinding operations. A combination live and dead-type spindle available for quick changeover from center to chuck tasks.

FRANZ KESSLER test bench

This bench tests all KESSLER spindles simulating all the functionalities of a CNC machine. Multiple data in real time are monitored during the process like vibration, temperature and speed.


This equipment can manufacture many CNC products parts such as bearing housings. The 3 axis offers a dynamic machining performance for rapid changes of direction and acceleration. So, it can produce a wide variety of high quality OEM specification components.


This equipment measures critical CNC product parts in terms of X, Y and Z axes. With its 3 axis, the component is measured precisely on all sides. This operation gives a clear overview of dimensions. Often, it is the tolerances that are not respected or the shape of the part that is not appropriated.

SCHENCK dynamic balancing bench

This bench can balance major parts of CNC products such as shafts, impellers, rotors, and fans. Along the process, our technicians are making sure the component is reaching the manufacturer specifications.

High precision tools

Each cnc product is measured with our high precision tool in the repair process. More precisely, during the testing prelimary step as well as the final assembly. Our technicians ensure all parts are meeting manufacturer's tolerances.

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