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We offer multiple solutions for spindles and CNC machine accessories in the woodworking, metalworking and composite industries. Each solution is designed according to our customers' needs. We are commited to providing the right solution that will quickly return our customers' production line to its full capacity.
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Emergency repairs
Your spindle or your CNC machine is in break down and need an emergency repair? No worries , we can fix it with a quick turnaround time. Click on the linkbelow and fill up the form related to your product's categorie. Once received, one of our technical advisors will communicate with you. We will evaluate the level of repair your product needs and if you need assistance to remove it. Call us today directly at 1-800-565-5215.
Emergency repair
Benefits of our solutions
Save cost and delays
By choosing MEC PRECISION, you can save on the costs and delays of shipping your spindle outside Canada. And thanks to our quick service, you will get your spindle back in a timely manner.
Established vetical business
We are a self-contained business unit. Everything is done in-house without outsourcing. Wth this process, we can ensure better quality control and follow-up for the solution that you chose.
Certified OEM
We are distributors for major suppliers like HITECO, KESSLER, BENZ and more. We have access to a wide range of their products, which gives us the opportunity to add them to your production line when we provide the solution you chose.
What you need know
Exchange rate advantage
Are you based in the United States? If you are, selecting
MEC PRECISION can save you 30% due to currency exchange rate! We are located only 1 hour from the US/Canadian border.
Our location
Repair and maintenance services
If you are facing problems with your spindles or one of your products, we are here to help with our repair and maintenance program. Simply fill out the online form or call us to start the repair process. For any emergency, our experts can travel to your location for an on-site diagnostic and repair.
Online form
Since 1970, we have specialized in the repair of high speed electric motors, spindles, servo motors and AC / DC motors. Our team of experts is our greatest asset and we try to do everything possible to make them successful in all areas of life.
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