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We offer multiple solutions for spindles,servomotors,aggregates vacuum pumps and CNC machine accessories in the woodworking, metalworking and composite industries. Each solution is designed according to our customers' needs. We are commited to providing the right solution that will quickly return our customers' production line to its full capacity.
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You have selected a category ? Now let's see if it related to your product problem ! Get in touch with us so we can help you. Our technical advisors will answer all your questions, give you more information about your issue and if needed direct you to the right solution. Also, they will be able to give you an overview of the prices and delays of the repair. Don't wait and contact us now !
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Benefits of our solutions

Quality repair process
Each product goes into a controlled and rigorous process of verification, fixing and final testing. We ensure all component respect OEM standards and tolerances. So the product can work at its full capacity.
Established vetical business
We are a self-contained business unit. Most is done in-house without outsourcing. Wth this process, we can ensure better quality control and follow-up for the solution that you chose.
Certified OEM
We are distributor for major suppliers like HITECO, KESSLER, BENZ and more. We have access to a wide range of their products and parts. It allows us to replace easily damaged components and propose you also new items.

Our warranty

Each spindle, servomotor, aggregate, AC/DC motor or vacuum pump repair is coming with a 1 year 24/7 warranty. It includes the replacement of parts in case of damage as well on labor without fees. Some condition might apply depending on the problem found on the product. So don't hesitate to communicate with us. Our technical advisors will give you all information about the warranty.
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