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We have been repairing servo motors for multiple CNC machines and different lines of production. Each servo motor goes into a controlled and rigorous process of inspection, repair and testing. Our certified technicians are always making sure that all components and tolerances respect the different OEM standards . In addition, a complete report explaining in details observed damages along with pictures of the defective parts will be provided so you can understand what is really needed to repair your servomotor and also prevent future failures. All required machining and stator rewind are done in-house. A full one year warranty 24/7 comes with all our repairs.

Servo motor brands we can repair

See below if one of your servo motor brand is here ! We can definitely repair it.

Most common servo motor brands repaired

Benefits of our solution

• All our techicians are trained and certified to repair servo motors.

• Capacity of repairing all major brands on the market.

• Complete in-house machining center when it comes to bearings housings or bearing support that are out of tolerances. OEM cables to connect all major brand of servo motors.

• Fully equipped testing benches for high speed servo motors up to 24000rpm.

• High precision dynamic balancing equipment, CMM measuring machine.

Common reasons for a servo motor breakdown

Bearings, electrical and winding failures
Positionning errors and overworking the motor
Damaged cables or connectors and internal contamination
Lack of preventive maintenance

Our repair process

At MEC PRECISION, our repair process is an important part of our expertise. This process is allowing any damaged servo motor to be back rapidly at their full capacity. Each year, we are improving our standards to make sure we are following the repair methods of the servomotor industry. We are commited to use all of our knowledges to repair in the best condition your servo motor and deliver it in the fastest delay. All repairs include a complete analysis and control quality report alongwith a one year 24/7 warranty.
Identification and preminilary testing of the servo motor
Once the servo motor is received, we do a complete analysis in order to make sure that all components whether they are (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or electric) are working or not. We then verify the encoder or resolver alignment. After the dissasembly process is completed to the last bolt we measure each part according to the manufacturer's specifications using high-end equipement.
Exposure of the servomotor problem and detailed quote
When testing, measuring and complete assessment are done, a detailed quote with pictures showing all damaged parts, repair solutions and delays will be sent to the customer. Once approved, the magic will start!
Repair process
The repairs made on the servo motor may change according to the problems that were identified. This includes; in-house machining or grinding of parts (spacers, bearing housing, bearing support and more....). OEM bearings, seals, o-rings, encoder, connectors, rotary union would be installed. If the servo motor is burnt, in-house rewinding will be performed. Dynamic balancing will also be part of the assembly process. All done in a positive pressure and temperature controlled room to prevent contamination of new installed parts into the spindle.
Final testing and quality control
At last, we assembly the servo motor and it will be tested on one of our special test benches for hours making sure all features are working like if it was installed on your machine. Final testing, encoder alignement and control quality report will be provided with the servo motor.

Our on-site preventive maintenance

It will allow us to detect in advance possible problems in your servo motor. By doing it on a regular basis , it will expand its life and minimize unpredicted breakdown on your CNC machines. Like our repair process, we are innovating into new equipement each year so we can better understand your servom motor condition and prevent future failures.

What we are testing

• Encoder , resolver or PLG alignment
• Verification of the temperature at maximum speed.
• Analysis of the vibration level in mm/sec.
• Testing of the rentention force (Kn) of the drew-bar system.
• Complete winding system analysis if required.
• Verification of all sensors status when the tool change system, is activated.

What you need to know

Exchange rate advantage

Are you based in the United States? If you are, selecting
MEC PRECISION can save you 30% due to currency exchange rate! We are located only 1 hour from the US/Canadian border.
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Repair and maintenance services

If you are facing problems with your spindles or one of your products, we are here to help with our repair and maintenance program. Simply fill out the online form or call us to start the repair process. For any emergency, our experts can travel to your location for an on-site diagnostic and repair.
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Since 1970, we have specialized in the repair of high speed electric motors, spindles, servo motors and AC / DC motors. Our team of experts is our greatest asset and we try to do everything possible to make them successful in all areas of life.
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