On-site taper grinding

Our solution

Owner of a mobile CNC taper grind, we can grind most of tapers and parts of spindles directly at your site. We offer this solution to all our customers across Canada. Moreover, our technicians always ensure each part reach the manufacturer specifications during the taper grind process.

Benefits of our solution

Certified technicians
All our techicians are trained and certified to grind several spindle parts.
Grinding of tapers and spindle parts
We can grind different types of tapers such as ISO,BT,CAT,SK and Big Plus. Also, we are able to grind housing, shaft and bearing.
Mobile CNC taper grind
We have a mobile CNC taper grinding. So our technicians can come to your site and assist you.
Machining center
We have a complete machining center including a CNC HURON, a SUPERTECH and a WEILER E50.

Our taper grinding process

First, the spindle goes into an exhautive evaluation. We perform multiple tests on the shaft and taper such as vibration analysis, measure of the draw bar retention, inspection of the surface contact and the test bar at 30 to 300 mm. Then, we establish the grinding mesure requirements and start to grind the spindle with our mobile CNC. Once the process completed, we proceed final tests like verification of the drawbar retention and the test bar at 30 to 300 mm. In addition, we are measuring the angularity and the gauge point of the taper with the STOTZ system.

How do we proceed taper grind ?

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Benefits of taper grinding

It is important to ensure that taper is constantly in good condition. Indeed, this component ensures the upkeep and positioning of the toolholder as well as the tool position towards the work material. Therefore, the taper condition directly affects the precision level and workflow of the machining operation. For this reason, it is essential to clean and maintain it on a regular basis. 
• Repair the damaged spindle taper and surface contact back
to their original specifications.
• Avoid premature wear of the spindle.
•Improve machining accuracy.
• Reduce spindle vibration.
• Extend the service life of the spindle.
• Reduce downtime.

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