On-site taper grinding

Our solution

Owner of a mobile CNC taper grind, we can grind most of tapers and parts of spindles directly at your site. We offer this solution to all our customers across Canada. Moreover, our technicians always ensure each part reach the manufacturer specifications during the taper grind process.

Benefits of our solutions

  • We can grind different types of tapers such as ISO,BT,CAT,SK and Big Plus.

  • We also grind multiples spindle parts like housing, shaft and bearing.

  • We have a complete machining center including a CNC HURON, a SUPERTECH and a WEILER E50.

  • We have a mobile CNC taper grinding. So we can come to your site and assist you.

  • Our machinists are trained and certified to grind several spindle parts

Our taper grind process

Preliminary tests
The spindle goes into an exhautive evaluation. We perform multiple tests on the parts like shaft and taper. First, we do a vibration analysis and measure the draw bar retention. After, we inspect the surface contact and execute the test bar at 30 to 300 mm.
Grinding of the taper
Following the tests, the spindle is disassembled. Parts that need to be ground are brought to our machining center or fix at your place. Then, we establish the grinding mesure requirements of them according to the test results. At last, the components are refurbished with our mobile CNC taper grinding.
Final tests
Thereafter the grinding, we check the condition of the parts with other tests. Again we verify the drawbar retention and the test bar at 30 to 300 mm. We also use the STOTZ system to measure angularity and the gauge point of the taper. Soon as the tests are finished, parts can be assembly.

Benefits of taper grinding

It is important to ensure that taper is constantly in good condition. Indeed, this part is playing a major role in the performance of the spindle. It is why proceeding taper grind on a regular basis is mandatory.
• Repair the damaged spindle taper and surface contact back to their original specifications.
• Avoid premature wear of the spindle.
•Improve machining accuracy.
• Reduce spindle vibration.
• Extend the service life of the spindle.
• Reduce downtime.

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