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Our partnership

MEC PRECISION is the Quebec service center of C.R ONSRUD. We have the privilege to access multiple OEM parts and products (spindles,aggregates) for C.R ONSRUD CNC machines. Moreover, we can provide many services such as installation and repair of CNC machines, training of operators and repairing of products. In any case, our service call technicians are there to assist you.

Benefits of our solution

Certified technicians
Our technicians are certified to install and repair C.R. ONSRUD machines.
OEM parts and CNC products
We can acquire most OEM parts and CNC products specialized for C.R. ONSRUD machines. Moreover, we have a wide inventory of them.
Bilingual service support
We offer a service support in french in english.
Service calls
We have 4 service call technicians that can come at your site and help you with your C.R. ONSRUD machine.


Since 100 years, C.R ONSRUD is a leader in the manufacturing of CNC machines. It offers a wide range of nesting, gridded and flat consoles equipped with multiple axis. Their products are used in the woodworking, metalworking, light alloy, plastic and advanced materials sectors.

Support service

If you are facing problems with your C.R. ONSRUD CNC or product, select one of the solutions below so we can quickly help you. Please make sure you have your machine model and serial number when contacting us.
Technical support
Questions related to your CNC or product.
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Service calls
Need to book a technician on-site.
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OEM parts, spindles and CNC accessories

We have in inventory the most popular products and OEM parts for C.R. ONSRUD CNC machines like HSD spindles and BENZ aggregates. In additionnal, we have in stock some vacuum pumps, ballscrews, PC, AC inverters and toolholders.
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Our expertise with C.R. ONSRUD

Since 2014, we have installed many new and used C.R. ONSRUD machines across Quebec and done numerous service calls.

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