Enhance your Aggregates with Solidifix®


BENZ SolidFix® - Where Performance, Precision and Profits Meet


  • BENZ SolidFix® is a modular quick change style system which allows users to change tools on your aggregate in under 20 seconds.
  • Eliminate the time consuming process of removing the aggregate from the machine by simply changing the SolidFix® adapter to your desired tool.
  • Increase the versatility of a single aggregate exponentially by outfitting your tool cabinet with a wide variety of SolidFix® adapters
  • Whether you are drilling, milling or sawing, SolidFix® has you covered

SolidFix® Advantages

  • Modular design - Specifically designed for your aggregate and machining needs.
  • Minimize setup time and increase profits – quick and effective tool changes.
  • Maximize your investment – maximize your aggregates flexibility & profitability through a variety of adapters which can negate the need for additional aggregates.
  • Streamlined tool change – one hand operation with no special tools required. Insert adapter and rotate 90 degrees and turn clamping screw as far as possible.

WOOD - BENZ Solidifix®